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We are pleased to announce our next show will be "Alice in Wonderland".
Running from the 8th to the 11th of January, with a Saturday matinee.

Please click here to purchase tickets via ticket source.

The New Garrett Theatre are overjoyed to announce we are back at Atherton Community School, once again, as our show venue. Yes, we're back!! We would like to say a massive thank you to the committee members who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to achieve this. We came back with a bang performing Back on the Boards, featuring different sets from all your favourite musicals. Then on 14th - 17th August 2019 we did our annual summer show. Thank You once again to all our wonderful following and we look forward to seeing you soon.

About us

The New Garrett Theatre was formed in January 1994 initially by three people. Additional people were brought in to help run the company more as a business than a society. Garrett Hall School in Tyldesley was its first home hence the name "New Garrett" and advertisements were placed in the local newspapers for members. A few people were approached directly and asked to help out in the first production and some still remain with the company today. Response to the advertisement was excellent and the company's first production, "Half of Everything" was staged from the 10th to 13th August 1994. The show was a success and attracted more people to join.

In January 1995 the company performed its second production "Cinderella". Again this was well received and the company moved on to its third production "The Good Old Days". From nothing we had staged three Shows in fourteen months. All productions were self-funding and we started to invest in state of the art sound equipment, a project that is still ongoing today. Whilst working on the next production "A World of Music", it became clear the company had outgrown the facilities at Garrett Hall School and so in 1995 an alternative venue, Formby Hall in Atherton, was sought. The theatre company continued to expand and in 1999 a democratic Committee was formed. 

Due to the closure of Formby Hall the Company were on the move once again and at the end of 2015 The New Garrett Theatre re-located to Atherton Community School which has proved to be a fantastic new venue.  The Company’s first production was performed there in January 2016, “Snow White and the Magnificent Seven Dwarfs” followed by “Jack The Ripper” in July 2016."

The New Garrett Theatre is also available to book for clubs, pubs, private parties etc. The company chooses the music to suit the venue and customer needs. This has proved very popular with clients and audiences as we can offer something different from the normal run of the mill cabaret act.

The New Garrett Theatre is a friendly, welcoming theatre company and is always looking for new members on stage and behind the scenes. Even if you haven't done anything like this before, don't worry because you will receive a warm welcome and training for whatever role you wish to try.


We need you!
Come along and be a part of our Theatre! 
Sing, dance, act, produce, direct, set design, costume design, make-up.
We hold rehearsals every Monday evening at the Atherton Conservative Club at 7:30pm-10pm.
Or why not try backstage, front of house or be on the committee?


Wanting to join as a new cast member?? 

Where and when are rehearsals held?

Rehearsals are held on a Monday evening 7:30pm – 10:00pm at Atherton Conservative Club which is situated on Market Street, Atherton.  It is the large white building on the corner opposite Quality Save.

If extra rehearsals are required in the run up to a show these will be held on another week night between 7pm-10pm or a Sunday daytime eg: 11am – 6pm.

Some rehearsals will be held at Atherton Community School as this is where our shows are performed.

How many shows do you perform each year?

We perform a pantomime in January and generally produce a musical performance in July/August depending on when the school is available.  We also have the opportunity to perform gigs in the local area and these are as and when requested by a venue or community group.

Do you accept members of any age group?

We do accept most age groups however we ask that any youth members are at least High School age ie: 11+

Our rehearsals each week finish 10pm.  In  the run up to, and especially, show week this can be much later and cast members are expected to stay until the end of rehearsal.  It is not unusual on the week of the show to finish rehearsals after 11pm and this may be on a night where children have to be in school the following day, but again all cast members are expected to stay regardless of age.   Please bear this in mind If you are hoping to join our group.

Whilst we are happy to accept under 16’s they do need to be aware that not all shows will have parts for them.  We will, however, always do our best to involve them if possible.

If you wish to join please drop us an email to and our recruitment officer will be in touch.

I’m a complete novice and have never been on stage before, is this ok?

Yes many of our members have never been on stage previously and just fancy giving it a go. 

I’d like to be involved but am not sure I want to be on stage, is there something else I could do?

Of course.  No show can go on without stage crew, lighting crew, sound crew, make up, costumes, set building, front of house, directors, producers, choreographers etc.  There are so many jobs to do that you may be able to bring your skills to help with these.

And, as some of those jobs are generally only needed for show week (and maybe the odd day in the run up), helping behind the scenes may suit you better to fit in with your other commitments.


How much does it cost to join?

Currently our membership fees are:

Adults: £20 per year

Youths/students/unwaged (concessions): £7.50 per year

This will cover you for all performances during the year.

In addition to annual memberships we also charge weekly subs, these are £2.50 for adults and £1.50 for concessions.



How can I keep updated about upcoming shows?

You can keep updated through our website and facebook.

Just search on the internet for The New Garrett Theatre and you will find us at

We also have a facebook page and a group. Just search for @thenewgarretttheatre to find us and give us a like.

The website and facebook pages are kept up to date with lots of information and there is also a link to book tickets to our shows.


How do I book tickets for shows?

Tickets are booked through Ticket Source  This is a very straight forward method which allows you to choose your seats and pay for your tickets by card.  You are sent an email with your ticket confirmation which you can either print off or, alternatively, just bring the email confirmation on your phone.   Please note there is a small booking fee.

If you do not have access to the internet please contact our ticket line on 07927760072 and the tickets can be booked on your behalf.


I have a question that hasn’t been answered, how can I contact you?

You can contact us through facebook, or email

Our committee

The Committee 2019

The Committee was elected at the AGM held at Atherton Conservative Club on Monday the 14th of January 2019.
If you would like to contact the committee please email

Lesley Cooney
Yvonne Gerrard
John Smith
Megan Lyth
Membership & Recruitment Officer
Joanne Coates
Tickets/Booking Secretary
Debbie Smith
Keith Pendlebury,
Jess Smith,
Catherine Taylor